Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Birds

* If you haven't caught up with the rest of the bird story, click here to see the beginning on the other blog. It's been really cool to see this story unfold on our front steps!

So we knew the birds must be ready to fly the nest sometime soon. Last Saturday I heard

* cheep * cheep * cheep * cheep * cheep *

outside the front door and ran to see one baby bird on the ground, but he was a fast little guy and was gone before I grabbed the camera. This one pictured was apparently the third bird who flew the nest. He just stood up, looked around....and then he JUMPED!

At the sound of the baby birds chirping, in flew five adult robins, diving through the air and swirling around. They landed on the neighbor's roof and just checked things out.

The baby bird then "flew" into our house and got wedged behind the couch, flapping frantically. At this point, Trevor started loudly praying:

"Okay, Jesus. We really need You to help here. Jesus, You need to help that bird because his wing is hurt and he NEEDS that wing. Jesus, this is really, really serious, so HELP THAT BIRD. We know You can do it!"

(Here are the kids praying)...

I managed to get him unwedged--his wing was bleeding, but didn't seem to be broken. He let me hold him for a long, long time. I just stroked his feathers and he settled in. He even seemed calm enough for me to take pictures of him with one hand (thank goodness the camera was around my neck!) and he seemed so relaxed after such a frantic beginning to life outside the nest!

About three seconds after this picture was taken, my baby bird friend flew away. I wasn't sure I was ready to let the little guy go!

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